Decayed - A Feast of Decay CÓD: 640DD

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Black Metal

1.A Beast of Decay - (Unreleased)
2.Nocturnal Prayers
3.Thy Summoning
4.When Sun and Air Darken
5.Rise at Dusk
6.Black Metal Onslaught
7.Open the Gates of Hell
8.The Nameless Wraith
9.Born the Antichrist
10.Spikes Leather Bullets
11.Henbane II - (Unreleased)
12.Sacrifice / Troops of Doom - (Unreleased)
13.Rebellious Angel
14.Hell's Dominion - (Unreleased)
15.Blood of the Altar
16.Dig My Grave
17.Cry Wolf
18.Desolator (Pts I & II)
19.I Am Blasphemer 0
20.Terminus AD, 2011

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